What’s on the menu for your next job offer?

There are several things that will play into the final decision for accepting a job offer or not. Ask yourself if you’ll be happy over the long-term or are you being tempted by, for example, a high starting salary when everything else (health and retirement benefits, organizational culture, job responsibilities, time-off policy, professional development opportunities, length of commute, etc.) may not meet your expectations. To relate it to food, are you going for the instant gratification of a slice of lemon meringue cheesecake, or opting for a 4-course meal (including dessert!) that will provide more sustenance to satisfy your career appetite?


On the menu at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal. May 2019. As decadent as it looks!

I always advise a holistic approach to evaluating a job offer. Yes, salary is undeniably important, but taking into account multiple factors and creating a prioritized list will help you see the big picture and make an informed decision. If you’re able to earn a high starting salary, but working in a toxic culture at an organization with a less than generous vacation policy, will you be okay with that? Or conversely, if you’re faced with a low starting salary, but will be working in a healthy and supportive environment with a great time-off policy, will you be okay with that? It all comes down to your priorities and what you value in a job and career.


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