What’s your 2020 vision?

I couldn’t resist the “20/20 vision” references. So reflecting back on this past year (and decade!), I think about, among other things, the goals I set for myself and ones I ultimately met. Some of the goals I set are no longer priorities, and I’ve crossed them off my list, or at least moved them further down the list. It’s not about having a lot of goals, but just ones that are meaningful, achievable, and in certain cases, measurable. One of my goals that I set for myself is to do more personal and professional writing, which I’ve been doing, and plan to keep on my HappyNewYearlist for 2020. For this particular goal of mine, it’s not about writing a specific number of blog posts or journal entries by a certain date. It’s more about my motivation to keep at it when I see the progress I’ve made, the results up to this point, and the benefits I envision in 2020.

What are your goals and vision for 2020?

Throughout the year, check in with that list to see the progress you’ve made, your level of motivation for continuing with a certain goal, any you want to remove, as well as new ones you want to add. Goals are not set in stone and there’s no shame in letting go of certain ones. If you have an important and meaningful goal but lack the motivation to see it through, then find the support through friends, family, a coach, within yourself, to help reach them. Envision the end result and all the benefits associated with it. Take on a little at a time, not all of it at once. Do whatever works best for you, keep reassessing, and make 2020 a great one!

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